Boyceville HS & MS Both Earn Second Team Wins of Season

BOYCEVILLE – The Boyceville High School Science Olympiad competed at the 13th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament this past Saturday, finishing in 4th overall out of 60 teams while the Middle School team finished in 7th overall out of 36 teams.    

Boyceville’s varsity team was the champion of Division 2 and earned medals in 25 of 28 total events, setting a new school record.   Individual event gold medals were earned by sophomore Luke Becker and junior Brady Helland in Astronomy, Helland and junior Connor Sempf in Boomilever, senior Rachel Becker and junior Grace Edlin in Chemistry Lab, senior Jasmine Windsor and senior Noelle Wheeldon in Dynamic Planet, J. Windsor and sophomore Shiloh Wheeldon in Forensics, N. Wheeldon and S. Wheeldon in GeoLogic Mapping, Sempf and junior Nathan Corr in Gravity Vehicle, senior Caitlyn Pelikan and L. Becker in Horticulture, Pelikan and S. Wheeldon in Mystery Design, N. Wheeldon and R. Becker in Water Quality, and Helland and Corr in Wright Stuff.

Silver medals were earned by senior Ana Evenson and Helland in Anatomy & Physiology, R. Becker and Pelikan in Circuit Lab, Corr and senior Cade Klefstad in Detector Building, Evenson, Pelikan, and J. Windsor in Experimental Design, Evenson, J. Windsor, and senior Emma Bygd in Protein Modeling, L. Becker and R. Becker in Solar Power, Pelikan and Sempf in Sounds of Music, and sophomores Madison Andrews and Lacota Brown in Boomilever.

Bronze medals were earned by Evenson and S. Wheeldon in Disease Detectives, Edlin and Helland in Ornithology, sophomores Ali Ruhnke, Ella Holden, and Libby Bygd in Protein Modeling, and sophomores Elijah Farrell and Logan Windsor in Wright Stuff.

Fourth place medals were earned by Helland and Klefstad in Machines, Edlin and Corr in Ping Pong Parachute, sophomore Greg Moore-Kamuti and L. Windsor in Robo Cross, E. Holden and sophomore Elliona Staves in Disease Detectives, and sophomores Cody Harmon and Oscar Wyss in Gravity Vehicle.

Fifth place medals were earned by E. Bygd and N. Wheeldon in Fossils, Klefstad and Corr in Geocaching, Klefstad and Sempf in Robo Cross, Farrell and Moore-Kamuti in Gravity Vehicle, Ruhnke and L. Bygd in Horticulture, and junior Hunter Chovan and O. Wyss in Solar Power.

Sixth place medals were earned by Chovan, Farrell, and senior Tylor Bowell in Code Busters and Bowell and junior Logan Wuorenma in Detector Building.

The Boyceville Middle School Science Olympiad Varsity also won Division 2 at their home invite, earning medals in 23 of 28 events, tying a school record set last year.

Tournament champion gold medals were earned eighth graders Caden Wold and Parker Coombs in Boomilever, Ping Pong Parachute, and Robo Cross, seventh grader Levi Becker and Coombs in Circuit Lab, eight grader Zach Kersten and sixth grader William Engel in Elastic Launch Glider, eighth grader Becca Wyss and Kersten in Game On, eighth grader Peter Wheeldon and Kersten in Geocaching and Road Scholar, seventh graders Delaney Olson and Emily Fetzer in Horticulture, Wyss and L. Becker in Machines, Wold and Engel in Mousetrap Vehicle, Coombs and P. Wheeldon in Solar Power, and ninth graders Andrea Jensen and Jacey Guy in Crime Busters.

Silver medals were earned by D. Olson and Fetzer in Crime Busters, eighth graders Kylie Luedtke and Sydney Garbe in Dynamic Planet, seventh graders Lauren Becker and Mariah Marvin in Fossils, Coombs and P. Wheeldon in Mission Possible, seventh graders Emma Dunn and Makayla Nelson in Write It, Do It, sixth graders Ashlyn Maska and Ashlyn Sorensen in Ornithology, and sixth graders Chelsi Holden and Zoey Hellendrung in Boomilever.

Bronze medals were earned by L. Becker and Marvin in Disease Detectives, seventh grader Amber Vandevrede and L. Becker in Meteorology, Luedtke and Garbe in Ornithology, eighth graders Taheton Downey and Treylin Thorson in Boomilever, and seventh graders Keegan Cole and Abby Bauer in Heredity.

Fourth place medals were earned by B. Wyss, Luedtke, and Garbe in Code Busters, Vandevrede and Luedtke in Water Quality, Guy, Jensen, and ninth grader Cambrie Reisimer in Experimental Design, seventh graders Ezra Hintzman and Mackenzie Nelson in Elastic Launch Gliders, and sixth graders Owen Rydel and Isaac Williams in Boomilever.

Fifth place medals were earned by sixth gradres Billy Williams and Owen Konsti in Elastic Launch Gliders.

Sixth place medals were earned by L. Becker and Marvin in Heredity, Engel and Levi Becker in Reach for the Stars, and sixth graders Breanna Olson and Ross Hoffman in Ping Pong Parachute.

The Boyceville Science Olympiad program would like to thank all of the participating teams and coaches, the custodial staff, the teachers/staff/faculty of the Boyceville Community School District, and all of the other volunteers who made this event possible.

Final High School Team Results – 13th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament

Rank Team Score
1 Menomonie Maroon 82
2 Madison West A 99
3 Wayzata (MN) Globular Protein 138
4 Boyceville Varsity Purple 140
5 Belleville Platinum 160
6 Mounds View (MN) A 183
7 Mounds View (MN) B 194
8 Eden Prairie (MN) JCB 220
9 Woodbury (MN) A 235
10 Medford Area Red 235
11 Ames (IA) A 248
12 Menomonie White 287
13 Marshfield 362
14 Wausau West 379
15 Menomonie Gold 420
16 Eastview (MN) Lightning 437
17 Wayzata (MN) Fibrous Protein 447
18 Hudson A 477
19 Bloomington Kennedy (MN) A 480
20 New Richmond Black 483
21 Lakeland Union 547
22 Rochester Mayo (MN) A 557
23 Madison West B 562
24 Boyceville JV-Newton 569
25 Eastview (MN) Thunder 571
26 Medford Area White 588
27 Delano (MN) 600
28 Belleville Gold 602
29 Rochester John Marshall (MN) 626
30 Bloomington Kennedy (MN) B 633
31 Elk Mound Orange 636
32 Woodbury (MN) B 713
33 Eden Prairie (MN) Tranquil Thunder 714
34 Belleville Silver 730
35 Medford Area Black 768
36 Baldwin-Woodville Varsity 772
37 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser A 794
38 Irondale (MN) Gold 797
39 Baldwin-Woodville JV 845
40 Shell Lake A 870
41 Irondale (MN) Maroon 877
42 Hudson B 905
43 Elk Mound Black 916
44 St. Croix Central A 925
45 Bloomer Gamma Rays 928
46 St. Michael – Albertville (MN) 940
47 Osseo-Fairchild 951
48 Ames (IA) B 956
49 Elmwood 979
50 Eden Prairie (MN) Moonlight Orchid 986
51 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser B 1007
52 New Richmond Orange 1024
53 Shell Lake B 1030
54 Wayzata (MN) Membrane Protein 1031
55 St. Croix Central B 1172
56 Rochester Mayo (MN) B 1183
57 Bloomer Microwaves 1221
58 Colfax 1224
59 Spring Valley 1243
60 Boyceville JV-Einstein 1289

Final Middle School Team Results – 13th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament

Rank Team Score
1 Daniel Wright (IL) A 53
2 Madison Hamilton A 85
3 Daniel Wright (IL) B 117
4 Madison Eagle A 155
5 Hudson Blue 157
6 Madison Hamilton B 195
7 Boyceville Varsity Purple 200
8 Chippewa (MN) Stink Squirrel 211
9 Ames (IA) A 213
10 Chippewa (MN) Duck Puppy 246
11 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser A 298
12 Medford Area Red 310
13 Sparta Innovations STEM Academy A 320
14 Hudson White 337
15 Medford Area White 340
16 Wachter (ND) Jedi 370
17 Wachter (ND) Sith 381
18 New Richmond Black 412
19 Rochester Friedell (MN) Black 427
20 Madison Eagle B 438
21 New Richmond Orange 459
22 Stanley Boyd 478
23 Elmwood 489
24 Sparta Innovations STEM Academy B 499
25 Elk Mound 521
26 Highview (MN) A 538
27 Boyceville JV-Blue 621
28 Highview (MN) B 623
29 Ames (IA) B 651
30 Rochester Friedell (MN) Yellow 676
31 St. Michael – Albertville (MN) 680
32 Boyceville JV-Red 701
33 River Falls Meyer 722
34 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser B 765
35 Boyceville JV-Green 777
36 Boyceville JV-Orange 818

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