Boyceville MS Earns Team Title in Medford, HS Team Runner-Up

The Boyceville Middle and High School Science Olympiad teams competed at the 3rd annual Medford Invitational Tournament this past Saturday, with the Middle School team winning the team tournament for the second year in a row and the High School team earning the runner-up trophy. 

Boyceville High School earned medals in 24 out of 28 events, including the gold medal in eight events.  The high school team was led by junior Brady Helland earning six medals and junior Nathan Corr earning five medals.  Students earning four medals included seniors Caitlyn Pelikan, Cade Klefstad, Ana Evenson, Noelle Wheeldon, Jasmine Windsor, and Rachel Becker, junior Connor Sempf, and sophomore Shiloh Wheeldon.  Junior Grace Edlin and sophomores Luke Becker and Elijah Farrell earned three medals  while sophomore Logan Windsor earned two medals.  Also earning medals for Boyceville High School were senior Emma Bygd, junior Elena Merino, and sophomores Ali Ruhnke, Libby Bygd, Oscar Wyss, and Cody Harmon.

Boyceville Middle School’s varsity team earned medals in 22 out of 28 events, including the gold medal in six events.  The middle school team was led by eighth graders Peter Wheeldon and Parker Coombs who each earned five medals.  Earning four medals were eighth graders Kylie Luedtke, Zach Kersten, Caden Wold, and seventh grader Lauren Becker, while ninth grader Andrea Jensen, eighth graders Becca Wyss, Mariah Marvin, Sydney Garbe, Taheton Downey, and Treylin Thorson each earned three medals.  Earning two medals each were ninth graders Jacey Guy and Madi Edhlund as well as seventh graders Levi Becker, Emily Fetzer, Delaney Olson, and Amber Vandevrede and sixth grader William Engel.  Students also earning medals were seventh graders Emma Dunn, Makayla Nelson, Ezra Hintzman, Mackenzie Nelson, and sixth graders Chelsi Holden, Zoey Hellendrung, Aiden Brown, and Alex Obermueller. 

“I am really proud of all of the hard work of all of our students, as many students have been working hard to learn new events and fill in some of the holes left from last year’s teams” said Boyceville Head Coach Andy Hamm.  “We have a very large team this year and it is very exciting to see so many students out for Science Olympiad in Boyceville and each student is finding a level of success which makes this year so much fun.”

Boyceville High School will next be in action at the UW-River Falls Invitational on January 25th followed by the Solon Ohio Invitational with the Middle School on February 1st .  Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm, Jenna Willi, and Steve Duerst.

Final Results of the 3rd Annual Medford Science Olympiad Invitational

HS Division

Rank Team Score
1 Menomonie Maroon 37
2 Boyceville Varsity 53
3 Medford Red 71
4 Wausau West 130
5 Menomonie White 138
6 Menomonie Gold 171
7 Denmark A 249
8 Boyceville JV-Newton 258
9 Medford White 271
10 Elk Mound A 271
11 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser A 298
12 Tomah 301
13 Menomonie Black 306
14 Athens 335
15 Shell Lake A 375
16 Bloomer A 381
17 Medford Black 455
18 Osseo-Fairchild 474
19 Elmwood 489
20 Denmark B 499
21 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser B 520
22 Wausau East 539
23 Shell Lake B 587
24 Bloomer B 624
25 Elk Mound B 630
26 Medford Silver 690
27 Colfax 707
28 Fall Creek 725
29 Boyceville JV-Einstein 745

MS Division

Rank Team Score
1 Boyceville Varsity 67
2 Menomonie Maroon 77
3 Medford Red 114
4 Chetek-Weeyerhaeuser A 119
5 Sparta STEM A 140
6 Medford White 150
7 Menomonie White 167
8 Menomonie Copper 187
9 Elmwood 187
10 Menomonie Gold 215
11 Elk Mound 223
12 Antigo All-Saints Catholic 242
13 Menomonie Silver 289
14 Boyceville JV-Blue 301
15 Boyceville JV-Red 367
16 Sparta STEM B 368
17 Boyceville JV-Green 425
18 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser B 432
19 Boyceville JV-Orange 445

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