Boyceville Science Olympiad Opens Season with HS & MS Tournament Wins at Belleville

BELLEVILLE – The Boyceville High School Science Olympiad opened the 2019-2020 season last weekend in Belleville with a Division 2 tournament win and fourth place overall team finish out of 40 teams while the middle school team won Division 2 of the middle school tournament and placed fifth overall out of 20 teams, including six teams from 2019 state champion schools.

 Gold medals were earned by junior Brady Helland and sophomore Luke Becker in Astronomy, seniors Caitlyn Pelikan and Rachel Becker in Circuit Lab, senior Ana Evenson and sophomore Shiloh Wheeldon in Disease Detectives, S. Wheeldon and senior Jasmine Windsor in Forensics, senior Noelle Wheeldon and S. Wheeldon in GeoLogic Mapping, senior Emma Bygd, Evenson, and J. Windsor in Protein modeling, N. Wheeldon and R. Becker in Water Quality, Helland and sophomore Connor Sempf in Boomilever, junior Nathan Corr and Sempf in Gravity Vehicle, Corr and junior Grace Edlin in Ping Pong Parachute, and Helland and Corr in Wright Stuff.

Silver medals were earned by R. Becker and Edlin in Chemistry Lab, N. Wheeldon and J. Windsor in Dynamic Planet, Pelikan, Evenson, and J. Windsor in Experimental Design, L. Becker and R. Becker in Solar Power, Corr and senior Cade Klefstad in Detector Building, and Klefstad and Sempf in Robo Cross.

Bronze medals were earned by Pelikan and L. Becker in Horticulture, Edlin and Helland in Ornithology, sophomores Madison Andrews and Lacota Brown in Boomilever, and sophomore Elijah Farrell and junior Elena Merino in Ping Pong Parachute.

Fourth place medals were earned by sophomores Libby Bygd, Ella Holden, and Ali Ruhnke in Experimental Design, sophomore Tanner Anderson and Farrell in GeoLogic Mapping, senior Tylor Bowell and junior Logan Wuorenma in Detector Building, Farrell and sophomore Greg Moore-Kamuti in Gravity Vehicle, Moore-Kamuti and sophomore Logan Windsor in Robo Cross, and Pelikan and Sempf in Sounds of Music.

Middle School gold medals were earned by seventh grader Levi Becker and eighth grader Parker Coombs in Circuit Lab, eighth grader Sydney Garbe and seventh grader Lauren Becker in Fossils, eighth graders Becca Wyss and Zach Kersten in Game On, seventh graders Emily Fetzer and Delaney Olson in Horticulture, eighth grader Peter Wheeldon and Coombs in Solar Power, Coombs and eighth grader Caden Wold in Boomilever, sixth grader William Engel and Kersten in Elastic Launch Glider, P. Wheeldon and Kersten in Geocaching, P. Wheeldon and Parker Coombs in Mission Possible, Engel and Wold in Mousetrap Vehicle, and Wold and Coombs in Robo Cross.

Silver medals were earned by Fetzer and Olson in Crime Busters, Garbe and eighth grader Kylie Luedtke in Dynamic Planet, Lauren Becker and eighth grader Mariah Marvin in Heredity, Wyss and Wold in Machines, P. Wheeldon and Kersten in Road Scholar, Wold and Wheeldon in Ping Pong Parachute, and ninth graders Andrea Jensen and Madi Edhlund in Boomilever.

Bronze medals were earned by Wyss and Levi Becker in Density Lab, Lauren Becker and Marvin in Food Science, seventh graders Amber Vandevrede and Makayla Nelson in both Water Quality and Write It, Do It, ninth grader Jacey Guy, Jensen, and Edhlund in Experimental Design, and seventh graders Abigail Bauer and Tayler Drinkman in Heredity.

“It is very challenging getting ready for a tournament this early in the season, but our students did outstanding” said head coach Andy Hamm.  “The foundation that the team has placed by preparing for and doing well at such an early tournament will provide more opportunities for success down the road this season, and we are all really excited to see where our teams can stack up in the state this year.”

Boyceville will next be in action at their 13th Annual Boyceville Invitational home tournament next month, followed by invitational tournaments at Medford and UW-River Falls in January.  Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm, Jenna Willi, and Steve Duerst.

Final Results of the 3rd Annual Belleville High School Science Olympiad Invitational

High School Results

Rank School Division Score
1 Marquette University HS A 1 57
2 Menomonie Maroon 1 74
3 Madison West A 1 86
4 Boyceville Varsity 2 114
5 Belleville Platinum 2 158
6 Marquette University HS B 1 164
7 Medford Red 2 212
8 Madison West B 1 265
9 Menomonie White 1 266
10 Sheboygan North 2 301
11 Boyceville JV-Newton 2 310
12 Menomonie Gold 1 336
13 Racine Prairie A 2 360
14 Marquette University HS C 1 378
15 Beloit Turner A 2 395
16 Belleville Gold 2 400
17 Racine Prairie B 2 414
18 Kohler A 2 417
19 Evansville 2 460
20 Madison Country Day A 2 461
21 Madison Country Day B 2 476
22 Slinger 2 493
23 Medford White 2 506
24 Oregon 2 528
25 Beloit Turner B 2 545
26 Lakeland Union 2 546
27 Madison West C 1 562
28 Campbellsport 2 580
29 Belleville Silver 2 586
30 Platteville 2 598
31 Harborside Academy 2 604
32 Tomah 2 611
33 Marquette University HS D 1 637
34 Poynette 2 653
35 Kohler B 2 703
36 Medford Black 2 753
37 Madison West D 1 785
38 Madison Memorial 2 803
39 Horicon 2 827
40 Boyceville JV-Einstein 2 842

Middle School Results

Rank School Division Score
1 Daniel Wright JHS A (IL) 1 55
2 Hamilton A 1 69
3 Daniel Wright JHS B (IL) 1 70
4 Hawthorn North A (IL) 1 97
5 Boyceville Varsity 2 125
6 Hamilton B 1 133
7 Hawthorn North B (IL) 1 178
8 Campbellsport 2 203
9 Platteville A 2 225
10 Hamilton C 1 259
11 Belleville 2 263
12 Verona 2 298
13 Hamilton D 1 323
14 Madison Country Day A 2 347
15 Madison Country Day B 2 373
16 Platteville C 2 376
17 Boyceville JV-Blue 2 380
18 Platteville B 2 384
19 Harborside Academy 2 427
20 Boyceville JV-Red 2 465

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