Division B (MS) Regional Tournament

Important News & Tournament Updates
Date for 2018 MS (Div B) Regional Tournament – Saturday, Feb 17, 2018

February 1, 2018MS Team Numbers changed.  Please review.

December 31, 2017Regional Tournament Schedule Posted

All 23 Wisconsin Science Olympiad Events will be run at this regional tournament and the state schedule will be followed completely.  There will be an awards ceremony after all events have been completed in the Gymmatorium.

Remember that multiple teams who are registered with the state ARE allowed to compete at regionals, even though only one team per school is allowed to compete at the state tournament.

Regional assignments will be made by Wisconsin Science Olympiad.

Regional Tournament Schedule

Regional Team Numbers

Regional Tournament School Map (coming soon)

Teams looking for directions, hotel possibilities, and policies are asked to look at the Invitational Website (link above) for some information that is also applicable to this regional tournament.

Coaches with questions are asked to contact either Wisconsin Science Olympiad or Regional Tournament Director Andy Hamm.