HS & MS Open Season with Team Wins in Belleville

BELLEVILLE – The Boyceville High School Science Olympiad opened the 2018-2019 season last weekend in Belleville with a Division 2 tournament win and third place overall team finish out of 35 teams while the middle school team won Division 2 of the inaugural tournament and placed second overall out of 11 teams.

Gold medals were earned by sophomores Brady Helland and Connor Sempf in Aerial Scramble, Helland and junior Caitlyn Pelikan in Astronomy, senior Jaden Reisimer and junior Steven Rasmussen in both Boomilever and Mousetrap Vehicle, senior Mark Timper and junior Ana Evenson in Disease Detectives, juniors Noelle Wheeldon and Jasmine Windsor in Dynamic Planet, junior Cade Klefstad and sophomore Nathan Corr in both Mission Possible and Geocaching, Evenson, Timper, and junior Emma Bygd in Protein Modeling, Helland and Corr in Wright Stuff, and Evenson and junior Rachel Becker in Food Science.

Silver medals were earned Timper and Evenson in Anatomy, Pelikan, Evenson, and Windsor in Experimental Design, Rachel Becker and Jasmine Windsor in Forensics, Sempf and Corr in Mousetrap Vehicle, Noelle Wheeldon and Bygd in Sounds of Music, Pelikan and Noelle Wheeldon in Water Quality, Reisimer and Rasmussen in Wright Stuff, Evenson and Noelle Wheeldon in Write It, Do It, and junior Austin Hatfield and freshman Cody Harmon in Aerial Scramble.

Bronze medals were earned by Hatfield and freshman Beck Wendlund in Boomilever, Noelle Wheeldon and Pelikan in GeoLogic Mapping, sophomore Jensine Boesl and freshman Kaiden Standaert in Wright Stuff, and Corr and Klefstad in Amazing Mechatronics.

Middle School gold medals were earned by Caden Wold and Parker Coombs in Battery Buggy, Boomilever, and Aerial Scramble, Mariah Marvin and Shiloh Wheeldon in Crime Busters, Luke Becker and Peter Wheeldon in Dynamic Planet, Zach Kersten and Elijah Farrell in both Elastic Launch Glider and Roller Coaster, Greg Moore-Kamuti and Zach Kersten in Game On, Logan Windsor and Elijah Farrell in Mystery Architecture, Kayden Benson and Shiloh Wheeldon in Potions & Poisons, Write It, Do It, and Picture This, Peter Wheeldon and Zach Kersten in Road Scholar, and Greg Moore-Kamuti and Luke Becker in Solar System.

Silver medals were earned by Treylin Thorson and Brady Mast in Battery Buggy, Levi Becker and Logan Windsor in Circuit Lab, Greg Moore-Kamuti and Elijah Farrell in Density Lab, Shiloh Wheeldon, Kayden Benson, and Mariah Marvin in Experimental Design, Greg Moore-Kamuti and Luke Becker in Meteorology, Becca Wyss and Taheton Downey in both Roller Coaster and Mystery Architecture, and Parker Coombs and Peter Wheeldon in Thermodynamics.

“It is always very difficult to get the team ready for a tournament this early in the season, and I am really proud of how the entire team performed” said head coach Andy Hamm.  “Our students have been working hard to start the year and I hope this hard work continues as our state continues to become more competitive.  The competition will only get tougher as the season goes on.”

Boyceville will next be in action at their 12th Annual Boyceville Invitational home tournament next month, followed by invitational tournaments at Medford and UW-River Falls in January.  Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm, Jenna Willi, and Steve Duerst.

Final Results of the 2nd Annual Belleville High School Science Olympiad Invitational 

High School Results

Rank      Team                                                                     Score

1              Marquette University HS A (1)                   58

2              Menomonie Varsity (1)                                 62

3              Boyceville Varsity (2)                                     129

4              Racine Prairie Varsity (2)                               145

5              Madison West Varsity (1)                             152

6              Menomonie JV (1)                                          177

7              Belleville Varsity (2)                                        207

8              Medford Varsity (2)                                        226

9              Menomonie JV-Gold (1)                                              248

10           Racine Prairie JV (2)                                        275

11           Marquette University HS B (1)                   280

12           Marquette University HS C (1)                   290

13           Sheboygan North (1)                                      326

14           Slinger (1)                                                            329

15           Evansville (2)                                                      369

16           Platteville (2)                                                     377

17           Beloit Turner Varsity (2)                                                383

18           Menomonie JV-Black (1)                              392

19           Belleville JV-Gold (2)                                      397

20           Madison West JV-1 (1)                                  398

21           Belleville JV-Silver (2)                                     419

22           Beloit Turner JV (2)                                         451

23           Poynette (2)                                                      451

24           Osseo-Fairchild (2)                                          494

25           Middleton (1)                                                    501

26           Medford JV (2)                                                 503

27           Oregon (1)                                                          531

28           Boyceville JV-Einstein (2)                            585

29           Kohler (2)                                                            595

30           Marquette University HS D (1)                   606

31           Madison West JV-2 (1)                                  615

32           Boyceville JV-Tesla (2)                                  672

33           Boyceville JV-Galileo (2)                              722

34           Boyceville JV-Curie (2)                                  751

35           Boyceville JV-Newton (2)                            772


Middle School Results


Rank      Team                                                                     Score

1              Madison Hamilton A (1)                                                31

2              Boyceville Varsity (2)                                     65

3              Madison Hamilton B (1)                                 95

4              Campbellsport (2)                                            105

5              Belleville (2)                                                       120

6              Madison Hamilton C (1)                                 144

7              Platteville B (2)                                                  152

8              Platteville A (2)                                                 161

9              Monroe (2)                                                         179

10           Platteville C (2)                                                  189

11           Boyceville JV (2)                                              220