13th Annual Invitational Tournament

13th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Important News & Tournament Updates

10/22/2019 – Some team numbers in the C division have shifted.  Please note the current list below.

10/6/2019 – Both divisions are now full.  Schools are still encouraged to register and will be put onto a waiting list.  For more information contact Andy Hamm.

9/23/2019 – Schedules are now available!  Please note team numbers for Division C are also now  available!

High School Schedule

Middle School Schedule

Maps and homerooms are not yet available but will be soon.

9/21/2019 – Based on registration numbers and coach input, we will again go with a 60C/34B team number format.  Therefore, registration for our B invitational is now full, though teams are still encouraged to sign up and will be put on a waiting list in case a spot opens.

Team numbers are now available for Div B, but not yet for Division C.

5/14/2019 – Registration is now open for the 2019 Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament.

Online Registration Form

2019 Invitational Tournament Information

New This Year…After completing the online registration form you will be e-mailed an invoice.  Payment is full by November 1st, 2019 to ensure your spot is reserved for your team(s).

Team # High School Name Homeroom
1  Boyceville 303
2 Boyceville JV 303
3 Boyceville C 303
4 Mounds View (MN) GYM
5 Mounds View (MN) JV GYM
6 Rochester Mayo (MN) 103
7 Rochester Mayo (MN) JV 103
8 Eden Prairie (MN) GYM
9 Eden Prairie (MN) JV GYM
10 Eden Prairie (MN) C GYM
11 Ames (IA) 101
12 Ames (IA) JV 101
13 Bloomington Kennedy GYM
14 Bloomington Kennedy JV GYM
15 Delano (MN) GYM
16 Marshfield GYM
17 Wausau West GYM
18 Hudson 403
19 Hudson JV 403
20 Medford Red 102
21 Medford White 102
22 Medford Black 102
23 Menomonie 404
24 Menomonie JV 404
25 Menomonie C 404
26 St. Michael-Albertville (MN) GYM
27 Elmwood GYM
28 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 104
29 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser JV 104
30 Tomah GYM
31 Madison West 100
32 Madison West JV 100
33 Baldwin-Woodville GYM
34 Baldwin-Woodville JV GYM
35 Osseo-Fairchild GYM
36 Colfax GYM
37 Belleville 302
38 Belleville JV 302
39 Belleville C 302
40 Irondale (MN) GYM
41 Irondale (MN) JV GYM
42 Wayzata (MN) Globular Protein GYM
43 Wayzata (MN) Fibrous Protein GYM
44 Wayzata (MN) Membrane Prot. GYM
45 Lakeland Union GYM
46 Woodbury (MN) GYM
47 Woodbury (MN) JV GYM
48 Shell Lake GYM
49 Shell Lake JV GYM
50 Rochester John Marshall (MN) 103
51 Elk Mound 409
52 Elk Mound JV 409
53 Eastview (MN) GYM
54 Eastview (MN) JV GYM
55 New Richmond Aero
56 New Richmond JV Aero
57 Bloomer GYM
58 Bloomer JV GYM
59 St. Croix Central GYM
60 St. Croix Central JV GYM
Team # Middle School Name Homeroom
1  Boyceville 303
2 Boyceville JV 303
3 Boyceville JV-2 303
4 Boyceville JV-3 303
5  Daniel Wright (IL) 411
6 Daniel Wright (IL) JV 411
7 Highview (MN) GYM
8 Highview (MN) JV GYM
9 Wachter (ND) GYM
10 Wachter (ND) JV GYM
11 Ames (IA) 101
12 Ames (IA) JV 101
13 Chippewa (MN) GYM
14 Chippewa (MN) JV GYM
15 Rochester Friedell (MN) 103
16 Rochester Friedell (MN) JV 103
17 River Falls Meyer GYM
18 Madison Eagle GYM
19 Madison Eagle JV GYM
20 Madison Hamilton 100
21 Madison Hamilton JV 100
22 Sparta Innovations STEM GYM
23 Sparta Innovations STEM JV GYM
24 St. Michael – Albertville (MN) GYM
25 Elmwood GYM
26 New Richmond Aero
27 New Richmond JV Aero
28 Medford 102
29 Medford JV 102
30 Hudson 403
31 Hudson JV 403
32 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 104
33 Chetek-Weyerhaeuser JV 104
34 Elk Mound 409
35 Stanley-Boyd GYM

Tournament Schedules (updated 9/23/2019)

Directions to Boyceville

Boyceville High School

1003 Tiffany Street

Boyceville, WI 54725

From the west on I-94:  Exit I-94 at exit 28 and head north on Highway 128 for about 10 miles.  Take a right (east) on Highway 170 and head about 7 miles, entering Boyceville.  Take a left (north) onto Highway 79, crossing over a set of railroad tracks and you will see Boyceville High School on your left.

From the east/south on I-94:  Exit I-94 at exit 41 and head south on Highway 25 until reaching Highway 12, about 1 mile south of the interstate.  Take a right (west) on Highway 12 and head about 4 miles until reaching Highway 79, and take a right (north).  Head north about 10 miles, entering Boyceville and stay on Highway 79 until about 2 blocks after you cross over another set of railroad tracks.  The high school is on your left.


Parking for cars and school vans is available on-site at Boyceville High School in a parking lot on the east side.  Buses are asked to be parked at Tiffany Creek Elementary School, which is about 5 blocks north of Boyceville High School on Highway 79, on the right.  Teams are asked to be dropped off at the front door and then the bus can proceed to the parking lot at Tiffany Creek Elementary School.

Shuttle Service

As we have done in the past, a shuttle service will be available from approximately 8:00 AM until approximately 4:00 PM between Tiffany Creek Elementary School and the MS/HS Building.  This shuttle will be a short yellow school bus and will meet in the East Parking Lot near the commons of the MS/HS Building and the South Parking Lot, near the commons of Tiffany Creek Elementary School.

Hotel Accomodations

There are no hotel accommodations in Boyceville; however, teams are encouraged to stay in nearby Menomonie.  While no group rates have been set for this tournament as we have found individual coaches have more success negotiating with the hotels than I do, I suggest the following nearby hotels:

Super 8 – Menomonie

1622 North Broadway, Menomonie, WI 54751


Americinn Lodge & Suites – Menomonie

1915 North Broadway, Menomonie, WI 54751


Motel 6 – Menomonie

2100 Stout Street, Menomonie, WI 54751


Country Inn & Suites – Menomonie

320 Oak Street, Menomonie, WI 54751


Quality Inn – Menomonie

1721 Plaza Drive, Menomonie, WI 54751


Hampton Inn – Menomonie

2017 Stout St, Menomonie, WI 54751


Cobblestone Inn & Suites – Downtown Menomonie

149 Main Street E, Menomonie, WI 54751


Auditing Events

Due to the large number of teams who have participated in the Boyceville Invitational in the past, we have decided to NOT allow teams to audit events due to space concerns and time concerns with our event supervisors.  Auditors will not be allowed under any circumstances.  Please contact Andy Hamm if you have any questions about this policy.


Again this year , we are using the new version of Avogadro (v4) and it is great so far!  Here is the link to the new version:


First, click on hosted tournaments in the upper right corner, then scroll down to Wisconsin and click on the Division B or Division C link depending on which team you coach.  I have created accounts for all main head coaches already using the e-mail you primarily use to communicate with me.  To access this account, you need to:

1)  Click on the Login button in the upper right hand corner

2)  Click the forgotten your password link

3)  Input your entire e-mail address

4)  Follow the on-screen directions on the screen and in your e-mail

Again This Year…with the new version of Avogadro, one account in Avogadro can be used to enter data for multiple teams.  You can start selecting events and inputting student names right away.  As a reminder, please do not click “not compete” for any events…click “intentional no-show” instead as this will help speed up scoring if you are not planning on competing in an event.  If that changes on competition day, thats OK and your team can still compete and are eligible for awards.

For Mendel for the online scheduling events, that is available when you log in by clicking on the Scheduling link on the top.

Awards / Awards Ceremony

The middle school and high school tournaments will be broken down into two divisions, based on school enrollment, previous success at the Boyceville Invitational, and respective state tournaments.  Again this year…medals will be awarded to the top six finishers in Division 1 and the top six finishers in division 2 in all 28 events in the high school tournament.  Medals will be awarded to the top six finishers in Division 1 and the top six finishers in Division 2 in all 28 events in the middle school tournament.  In addition, team trophies will be awarded to the top four teams in division 1 and the top four teams in division 2 of the high school and middle school tournaments.  National Scoring will be used to calculate team scores (1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc…low score wins), and every teams’ five worst event scores will be dropped when calculating team scores, compensating for the five Wisconsin Science Olympiad events.  Only one trophy can be earned by a school and coaches are asked to identify their “preferred team” to earn a trophy prior to competition in the event of multiple teams earning team awards.  In the event that a school does not identify their “preferred team” the team with the lowest team number will earn the team trophy.  A spirit award will be awarded to the high school team and the middle school team who displays the most positive team spirit, as voted on by the event supervisors.

All efforts will be made to begin the awards ceremony as fast as possible after the final events have been completed.  This awards ceremony will move quickly to accomodate the large number of teams and awards being handed out, with a goal to get teams on the road as fast as possible.  Again This Year…Pictures of medal winners will be NOT taken away from the ceremony in an effort to speed up the awards ceremony.  Coaches will be able to take pictures in a separate staging area but this will allow the awards ceremony to move much more quickly.  This is a recommendation from the coaches last year.  This version of Avogadro has a presentation system integrated to allow for immediate presentation of results.  We will work hard to quickly and accurately begin and complete the awards ceremony, while still creating a memorable experience for all students involved.

In an effort to fit everybody comfortably into the awards ceremony, there will be assigned seating by team.  We have tentatively set up a map for teams with an approximate number of chairs needed for each school.  Please let Andy Hamm know as the tournament approaches if you have a rough idea of the number of chairs your school will need or if you will not be attending the awards ceremony for any reason.  There will be a separate general seating area for parents and other spectators.  The Gymmatorium Floor area will be closed at 3:10 to set up for the Awards Ceremony and will be re-opened around 3:30 PM.

Cell Phones and Video/Still Images

Students, coaches, team representatives, and spectators will only be allowed to take pictures of people and devices associated with their school.  No imagery (still or video) of other students and/or other schools’ devices will be allowed to be taken during the tournament.


A concession stand will be open from 8:00 AM until the completion of the Awards Ceremony in the high school commons.  A variety of foods, ranging from breakfast to lunch foods, and including muffins, pizza, hot dogs, nachos, fruit, various beverages, and numerous other options will be for sale, with all proceeds benefiting the Boyceville Science Olympiad team.

Flying Events

Wright Stuff and Elastic Launch Gliders will be run in the Tiffany Creek Elementary Gymnasium, with practice flights allowed from 8:30 until 9:30 and throughout the day as allowed by the event supervisor and within the rules.  The dimensions for the Tiffany Creek Elementary gym area are 20 feet tall (rafters present), 84 feet long by 40 feet wide.


In an effort to reduce congestion in our commons area, homerooms or area/space will be provided to all teams.  Please be aware that you may share a homeroom with another team and please be respectful of the other teams in your areas.  Teams are asked to not gather in the commons area to provide everyone with an opportunity to visit the concession stand and move freely.

Hospitality/Scoring/Coaches Room & Arbitration

A hospitality/scoring room will be available for adult coaches, volunteers, event supervisors, and bus drivers (separate area) only during the day.  This will be located in the library and will provide coaches and event supervisors with a quiet place to score their events and our scoring committee will be located here to help input your final event scores into Avogadro.  Score counseling will be required for all event supervisors with a scoring committee member in the middle school computer lab.  Arbitration will also be located in the library as well.


Teams are asked to complete and have on hand all required paperwork for your regional and state tournaments, including medical release forms and a publicity waiver.  Forms for your particular school or state are acceptable and will not be collected, but if you need copies example forms available at the Wisconsin Science Olympiad website (http://www.wisconsinso.org).


Students, coaches, and other interested people are welcome to watch several events, including many of the build events, and the high school and middle school gymnasiums will have bleacher space available for people to watch some of these events.

Team Check-In and NO Coaches Meeting

There will be a table in the high school commons for coaches to check-in upon their arrival on the morning of competition.  A Boyceville Science Olympiad representative will greet all teams and show them to their homeroom area.  We will not hold a coaches meeting and coaches can ask any questions at check-in.  Help will also be available in the coaches hospitality/scoring room in the Library.  Impound opens at 8:30 AM and closes at 9:30 AM

Mendel – Signing Up for Sign-up Events

Time slots will be available to teams on a first-come, first-serve basis through Mendel, an add-on to Avogadro.  Mendel will be used to select your times for the sign-up events and to opt-out of any events that your team will not be competing in.

Teams who are NOT competing in some events are asked to select “none” for the time slot for the specific event(s).  Do not select “Not Compete” in Avogadro!  Just select “none” in Mendel.

Teams that do not sign up for an event prior to the tournament but would like to compete will have the opportunity to choose among the remaining time slots the day of the tournament.

The links to Mendel will be announced in the fall.