HS Team Opens 2017-2018 Season With Division Championship in Belleville

Boyceville HS Opens Season with Tournament Win at Belleville 

BELLEVILLE – The Boyceville High School Science Olympiad opened the 2017-2018 season last weekend in Belleville with a Division 2 tournament win and second place overall team finish out of 28 teams.  Gold medals were earned by seniors Jason Swanepoel and Emmett Kapsner in Astronomy, Swanepoel and sophomore Noelle Wheeldon in Dynamic Planet, sophomores Brady Helland and Connor Sempf in Electric Wright Stuff, senior Brennan Wheeldon and sophomore Jasmine Windsor in Forensics, junior Mark Timper and sophomore Caitlyn Pelikan in Food Science, Emmett Kapsner and senior Casey Owen in Hovercraft, sophomore Steven Rasmussen and freshman Tanner Anderson in Mousetrap Vehicle, senior Hunter Holten and sophomore Rachel Becker in Optics, Swanepoel and Jasmine Windsor in Remote Sensing, senior Rian Corr, Timper, and Emmett Kapsner in Protein Modeling, Owen and sophomore Cade Klefstad in Towers, senior Marissa Dormanen and sophomore Ana Evenson in Write It, Do It, and Timper and Pelikan in WiFi Lab.

Silver medals were earned by Helland and Sempf in both WiFi Lab and Towers, Anderson and Rasmussen in Dynamic Planet, Rian Corr and freshman Nathan Corr in both Electric Wright Stuff and Mousetrap Vehicle, eighth graders Cody Harmon and Oscar Wyss in Hovercraft, Dormanen and Timper in Microbe Mission, Owen and Klefstad in Mission Possible, Brennan Wheeldon and Owen in Optics, Evenson, Pelikan, and Noelle Wheeldon in Picture This, juniors Sarah Kapsner and Brandon Windsor and sophomore Emma Bygd in Protein Modeling, and Swnaepoel and Noelle Wheeldon in Rocks & Minerals.

Bronze medals were earned by Dormanen and Timper in Anatomy & Physiology, Nunnery and Sarah Kapsner in Disease Detectives, Noelle Wheeldon and Rian Corr in Ecology, Holten, Bygd, and Becker in Experimental Design, eighth graders Elijah Farrell and Logan Windsor in Electric Wright Stuff, seniors Sean Best and Nicole Drinkman in Mission Possible, Brennan Wheeldon and Noelle Wheeldon in Thermodynamics, and sophomores Amber Schlottman and Morgan Andrews in Towers.

“We have never attended a tournament in November before, and left Boyceville around 4:30 AM and I was impressed with how well our students responded to the very early start to the day” said head coach Andy Hamm.  “Our students have been working hard to start the year and I hope this hard work continues as I really believe the sky is the limit for this group of kids.”

Boyceville will next be in action at their 11th Annual Boyceville Invitational home tournament next month, followed by invitational tournaments at Medford and UW-River Falls in January.  Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm, Jenna Willi, and Steve Duerst.

Final Results of the 1st Annual Belleville High School Science Olympiad Invitational

Rank Team Score
1 Menomonie (1) 59
2 Boyceville (2) 91
3 Milwaukee Marquette (1) 109
4 Madison West (1) 133
5 Medford (1) 148
6 Belleville (2) 169
7 Menomonie JV (1) 174
8 Racine Prairie (2) 179
9 Boyceville JV-Einstein (2) 200
10 Slinger (1) 275
11 Racine Prairie JV (2) 280
12 Medford JV-Black (2) 289
13 Belleville JV (2) 292
14 Beloit Turner (2) 317
15 Medford JV-White (2) 322
16 Tomah (1) 323
17 Middleton (1) 353
18 Poynette (2) 417
19 Beloit Turner JV (2) 425
20 Boyceville JV-MS (2) 428
21 Evansville (2) 440
22 Shorewood (2) 456
23 Oregon (1) 489
24 Boyceville JV-Newton (2) 525
25 Madison West JV (1) 538
26 Madison Memorial (1) 560
27 Milwaukee Marquette JV (1) 569
28 Oregon JV (1) 613